#14 What's the best AWS Compute option for your project?

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You can run your application on virtual machines using EC2. If you prefer containers, ECS Fargate is your choice. But you can also use the latest Serverless capabilities to run your application on Lambda. But what's the best option for your project?

#13 Review: Amazon Connect

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Do you provide services to consumer or business clients? Which channels do you provide for clients to get support, leave feedback, or let off frustration?

Amazon Connect provides a contact center solution in the cloud. Your clients contact you via phone or chat. A group of agents answers their phone calls and chat conversations. The workflows are fully customizable to your specific needs.

This review puts Amazon Connect to the test. I set up Amazon Connect for our consulting agency, recently. While doing so I had a look into the technical details as well.

#11 10 Success Factors for Starting Your Cloud Journey

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Are you planning to start the cloud journey for your organization soon? Learn from others to turn your initiative into a huge success. Michael and I have accompanied medium-sized businesses and enterprises in their transformation projects and would like to share our learnings with you.

#9 Reduce your AWS bill with Savings Plans

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AWS made a prominent announcement on November 6th, 2019: AWS Savings Plans. It was never easier to get a discount on compute capacity by committing to a monthly consumption and paying upfront. This blog post introduced AWS Savings Plans and compares them to other options to reduce your AWS bill as well.

#8 Review: AWS Global Accelerator

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Andreas is reviewing the AWS Global Accelerator. AWS introduced Global Accelerator at re:Invent in 2018. A year after that, it is about time to review the service. AWS Global Accelerator makes use of Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure and is designed to improve the performance and reliability of your applications.

#7 How we run our blog

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We love simplicity! Our blog runs on CloudFront and S3 which is maintenance free and does handle traffic spikes easily. We use the static website generator hexo to publish our content. Lambda@Edge handles redirects and generates optimized images on the fly. Instead of Google Analytics we are using Athena and QuickSight to get statistics about our blog and posts.

#6 How to avoid S3 data leaks?

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Not a week goes by without a frightening announcement that an organization has leaked confidential data from Amazon S3 accidentally. Most often, the root cause of a security breach is a misconfiguration of S3 access control. Andreas presents four rules to avoid S3 data leaks to Michael in this episode.

#5 Rapid CI/CD with CodeBuild

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There are many options available when you are looking for ways to implement a deployment pipeline. You might have heard about Jenkins, CircleCi, BitBucket Pipelines, GitLab Pipelines, and many others. AWS, on the other hand, offers services for CI/CD itself: CodeBuild and CodePipeline.

AWS CodePipeline orchestrates deployment pipelines. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep and the implementation is often complicated. Therefore, I recommend a more simple approach: use CodeBuild. In general, CodeBuild feels like CircleCI or GitLab Pipelines. However, CodePipeline offers tighter security controls and excellent integration into your AWS infrastructure.

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