#24 Storage on AWS

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How do you choose the best storage option on AWS?

Choosing storage service is critical when designing a cloud architecture. Read on to learn about the characteristics, limitations, typical use cases, and a decision tree for the following options to store data on AWS:

  • Instance Store provides low latency and high throughput block storage for EC2 instances.
  • EBS (Elastic Block Storage) provides persistent block storage for EC2 instances.
  • EFS (Elastic File System) provides a scalable and fault-tolerant network file system (NFSv4).
  • FSx (File System for Windows File Server) provides a fully-managed Windows File Server.
  • S3 (Simple Storage Service) provides highly scalable and fault-tolerant object storage.

This podcast episode is based on the blog post Storage on AWS, which was published first on the Cloudcraft blog.

Looking for a comparison of all database services available on AWS instead? Check out Databases on AWS.

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